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To succeed your business through the expert in Pharmaceutical business !

Since Chemix' inauguration in 1987, Chemix has been importing APIs from various overseas countries and selling them to pharmaceutical companies in Japan that is second largest market in the world.

Chemix has been collaborating with researchers of foreign pharmaceutical companies to develop APIs and successfully introduces them to Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

Chemix has a long experience registering foreign manufacturers' Japanese DMF and its accreditation license ( AFM), that enable to sell APIs in Japan, that will be maintained by Chemix' overseas regulation to extend their license for future, too.

Bio-products such as albumin isolated from caw blood are also imported to sell to bio-companies for research purpose and commercial production as well.

Chemix imports natural extracts for health food industry. Japanese market size in health products is getting larger and larger every years. Chemix recognizes that just as medical products are used for the treatment of disease and injuries and functional foods such as natural extracts are important items to backup daily health promotion.

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