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Reserch & development

Accomplishments of joint development with partner companies  around the world.

Finished products

Chemix is working in a broad array of activities with pharmaceutical companies in more than ten countries to bring new generic products to the Japanese market quickly.

Chemix will make full use of its asset and dedicate all its strength build up over the years to the development of generic products manufactured in foreign countries.

Since Chemix' inauguration, Chemix has achieved many development of generic products that manufactured in foreign countries for Japanese market.


Chemix has introduced APIs for many years based on the joint research with overseas makers and sold them as excellent-quality materials to Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

Chemix plays an important and active role as a domestic care taker of Japanese DMF and the accreditation of pharmaceutical plants for a foreign makers.

Chemix always and closely thinks and plans about future possibility with its clients.

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